Strategy for Increasing Professional Capabilities: Socialization of Regular Internships for FIA UB Business Administration Study Program 2023/2024

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study program Brawijaya University Business Administration (FIA UB) has put together innovative steps through selection due to activitiesan Socialization of Regular Internships 2023/2024 on Tuesday, 19 December 2023. This event, which was held online, became a forum for essential information aimed at students of the Business Administration Study Program by presenting Mrs. Hanifa Maulani Ramadhan, S.AB., M.AB , one of the lecturers at the study program Business Administration, which provides material regarding regular internship procedures.

Participation in this socialization is mandatory for students from the classes of 2021 and 2020 who have not yet involved themselves in the regular internship program. Participants are expected to be able to explore the instructions and information provided by the speaker, to prepare themselves to face the challenges of internship. The goal is not just memesfulfill formal obligations, but rather ensure the smoothness and conformity of the internship process with applicable regulations.

Organizing this Regular Internship Socialization is a reflection of FIA UB's determination and dedication in providing the best support for students. Regular internship programs are appointed as an inseparable part of the academic journey, seen as a valuable experience that can shape students' skills and professionalism in facing the realities of the world of work. More than just fulfilling administrative requirements, the mission of this event is to embrace and develop students' understanding of internships. 

With this in-depth understanding, it is hoped that students will be able to optimize every aspect of their internship experience, while increasing the experience and skills relevant to college science practice. This aims to mature students, preparing them optimally to face challenges in an increasingly complex world of work. Thus, holding the 2023/2024 Business Administration Study Program Regular Internship Socialization creates valuable momentum for students to build a synergistic relationship between science and practice.

Summary :

  • Program : Socialization of Regular Internships for Business Administration Study Program 2023/2024
  • Date : Tuesday, December 19 2023
  • Location : Zoom Meetings
  • Presenter : Hanifa Maulani Ramadhan, S.AB., M.AB
  • Audience : Classes of 2021 and 2020 who have not carried out regular internships
  • Objectives : Describes the flow of registration, implementation and trials in accordance with the 2023/2024 FIA UB Regular Internship Guidebook
  • Internship Link:


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