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The Department of Business Administration Holds Training on Using the OSIRIS Database

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FIA UB Department of Business Administration held "Training on Using the OSIRIS Database", yesterday (6/8). The event which was centered at the Management Information Systems Laboratory (SIM) was attended by most of the lecturers within the scope of the Department of Business Administration. The training is supervised directly by a team of software creators and distributors (software) OSIRIS.

Suasana Pelatihan OSIRIS
OSIRIS Training Atmosphere

Secretary of the Department of Business Administration, Mohammad Iqbal, DBA, said that the company database in OSIRIS is quite complete. As is software In this case, both lecturers and students in the Department of Business Administration who will or are currently conducting research, especially in the field of finance, can retrieve multinational company data easily. "With this training, we hope that there will be new approaches in research both at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels," said the winner of a doctoral degree from Victoria University in Australia.

Dosen Jurusan Administrasi Bisnis dan Tim OSIRIS
Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration and the OSIRIS Team

Meanwhile, the team from OSIRIS directly guided the training participants to use OSIRIS step by step. From the training module, information was obtained that OSIRIS stores various information on many companies around the world. Users can find out not only the company's financial statements, but also other items such as company ratings, estimated earnings, buying or selling recommendations, company annual reports and CSR documents, lists of names of company officials, to various other activities carried out by the company. As is software In this regard, it is expected that the quality of research in the Department of Business Administration will increase. (ALA/FIA)

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