Raising the Latest Education Issues, HIMADIKA Publishes Edu Magazine

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FIA UB Educational Administration Student Association (HIMADIKA) publishes a magazine entitled "Edu Magazine". This is the first magazine issue in the history of the association. Therefore, the magazine is given the issue number Volume 1, Number 1, year 2023.

To the Public Relations Team, Head of HIMADIKA for the 2022 period Ridho Rifki Fadillah said that this magazine was present as one of the HIMADIKA program innovations in 2022 which aims to disseminate information about HIMADIKA. In addition, the magazine also explained the role of the G20 in post-covid-19 education sector recovery. In general, this magazine contains all information about HIMADIKA's activities and also other writings about the latest educational issues. He said he wanted this magazine to benefit the general public, especially students. "We will prepare this magazine to be published again in 2023 under the new HIMADIKA management," concluded the student from DKI Jakarta.

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