FIA UB Lecturer Oscar Radyan Danar Publishes a Performance Management Book

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FIA UB lecturers publish books again. This time, Oscar Radyan Danar, M.AP., Ph.D, Lecturer at the Department of Public Administration, has just published his latest work entitled "Performance Management: Theory and Practice". Books of the type of reference book convey to readers related to performance management for government agencies. Performance management is needed to equalize perceptions among individuals with different backgrounds who are in the same organization. And the concept of performance management is an illustration of how to deal with and solve problems surrounding performance.

To the Public Relations Team, Oscar Radyan Danar said that the process of compiling this book took approximately one year in between his busy schedule. According to Oscar, this book answers the need in the field regarding how to implement performance management. There are several things conveyed by him through this book, including performance-based planning, performance measurement, performance organizing, performance reporting, performance monitoring and evaluation, as well as discussions related to performance-based organizing, and building a performance culture of government agencies. "I hope this book can provide benefits not only for the government, but also for companies, organizations and for academics such as lecturers and students to be used as reference material for completing research writing or final reports," he concluded.

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