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International Journal Writing Clinic

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FIA UB, Public Relations. On Friday, December 13 2013, in the seminar room of the Department of Business Administration, building B, 4th floor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University, in preparation for having an international journal, held an event entitled  International Journal Writing Clinic by bringing in the speaker Dr. Rachma Fitriati, M.Si from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia (FISIP UI).

Pemateri, Dr. Rachma Fitriani, MSi memberikan memaparkan tips penulisan jurnal internasional FIA UB
The speaker, Dr. Rachma Fitriani, MSi explained tips for writing the international journal FIA UB

In the event, whose participants were academics majoring in Business Administration, apart from sharing his experiences as an international journal writer, Dr. Rachma (that's her nickname) said that the effectiveness and efficiency of writing in a scientific journal is needed in preparing the journal to be reviewed by international reviewers, "reduce unnecessary words, the contents of the journal must be clear, clear and firm," he said in one of his tips. (Public Relations /sp)

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