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Study Excursion, Himabis Visits a Tourism School in Bali

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The 2015 Himabis Study Excursion was held on 17-21 November 2015 with the aim of going to Surabaya and Bali. This year's Himabis Excursion Study was attended by 80 student participants consisting of various majors, most of whom were students of business administration, taxation, and tourism business study programs. On November 17 2015, all the excursion study participants left for Surabaya and started their initial visit at the Juanda Customs and Excise Office. There we are given material on how to work, objectives, main tasks, functions and work structure of customs in regulating incoming imported goods and also determining the tax rates to be imposed.

Pimpinan Bea Cukai Surabaya memberikan penjelasan seputar tugas dan fungsi lembaganya.
The head of Surabaya Customs and Excise gave an explanation of the duties and functions of the institution.
Rombongan SE Himabis di Kantor Bea Cukai Surabaya.
Group of SE Himabis at the Surabaya Customs Office.

The study visit was continued to the Indonesia Stock Exchange Surabaya branch office. There we are given information about tips, strategies, and quick ways to make money through playing stocks. This visit to the stock exchange was quite interesting and opened our minds about how to make money quickly besides doing business, namely by playing stocks. However, how to play stocks is not as easy as we imagined, it turns out that the risks that arise if we don't have a smart strategy can be detrimental and the amount of losses that occur can have a very large impact. Therefore, further training is needed to play stocks carefully.

Arriving at the port of Gilimanuk, it was already 7.00 and we immediately rushed to continue our journey to the Bali International Tourism College (STPBI) located in Denpasar. There, the leadership of the Bali Tourism High School gave a presentation regarding the school's profile, the study programs offered and also the job opportunities that can be achieved by students graduating from STPBI.

At STPBI, learning is carried out more practically than theory so that students are accustomed to going directly into the world of work to know the actual environment at work and can adapt to the work environment.

The visit to STPBI has inspired many Brawijaya University students because STPBI is not like campuses in general. Lecture practice conducted by STPBI was very enjoyable because they visited many other cities for tours and comparative studies (cooking lessons, becoming tour guides, etc.). STPBI also has a program for its students to do internships abroad and also obtain double degrees at other universities.

Next, we continued our journey to Penglipuran traditional tourist village in the Kubu area, Bangli, Bali. Penglipuran Village is a tourist village that is quite well-known among domestic and foreign tourists because of the strong customs contained therein and the harmony and togetherness of its people which is very inspiring. Penglipuran Village also received a kalpataru award from the government.

Rombongan SE HImabis berfoto bersama.
The SE HImabis group took a group photo.


Coverage Team:

Article: Lubiana Mileva

Photo: Himabis FIA UB

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