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Tourism Business-style Cultural and Culinary Festival

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Dekan FIA UB mengunjungi peserta Brawijaya Culture and Food Festival 2013
In the context of the 53rd Anniversary of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, the Tourism Business study program held the Brawijaya Culture and Food Festival. This activity was held at the FIA UB Basketball Court from Monday to Tuesday (21-22/10). This activity was officially opened by the Dean of FIA UB, Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS was witnessed by representatives of the Malang City Government, Malang Regency Government, representatives of the East Java Tourism Office and the Malang City Tourism Office as well as representatives from PT. Unilever.

Aditya Pinastika A, Chief Executive of BCFF 2013 stated that this activity was the first activity of UB's Tourism Business. "Actually this activity has been planned since 2011 and finally carried out this year, as part of the 53rd Anniversary of FIA UB. This activity is a collaboration of the 2011 and 2012 batches, will be made as the annual agenda of the FIA and hopefully it can become the agenda for the Malang Tourism Office," he said.

With a culinary theme as an introduction to culture, BCF 2013 brings a variety of regional specialties in Indonesia to support East Java tourism. "The highlight of the BCF 2013 event will be reog at the same place, there will also be acoustics and related arts," explained Aditya.

While the Head of the Tourism Business Study Program, Dr. Djamhur Hamid explained the relationship between culinary and tourism. "As much as 40 percent of tourist funds are spent on culinary delights, while the rest is for accommodation and transportation. This is a very good business opportunity,” he explained. Activities like this, according to Djamhur, can help develop tourism in Malang and East Java as well as contribute to tourism development.

BCF 2013 was attended by 18 culinary vendors from various regions. Apart from Reog art, there were also Malangan Mask dance performances, Gambyong Dance, acoustic performances, live cooking shows from Unilever and competitions plating for SMK students. [vicky]

source: Prasetya Online

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