Lecture at the FIA UB Mosque, the Mayor of Malang Invites the Congregation to Self-Introspection Ahead of Ramadan

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Takmir Mushola Baitul 'Alim FIA UB and FORKIM hold routine activities every week, namely Inspirational Study Vol. 13 with the theme “Reaching His Love Through Ramadhan His Majesty” on March 16 2023. This activity took place in the main hall of the FIA Baitul 'Alim Mosque. On this occasion, takmir presented Malang Mayor Drs H. Sutiaji as a speaker.

In his speech, the Dean of FIA UB Drs. Andy Fefta Wijaya, MDA., Ph.D said that soon Muslims will meet the glorious month, namely Ramadan. The month of Ramadan not only cleanses the heart but also nourishes the body. The Dean invited all the congregation to be enthusiastic and happy to carry out the Fasting Service. "Fasting is sincere so that we can feel the benefits for ourselves, like a car that is updated every year so that we are better prepared for the next journey," said the Dean.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Malang Drs H Sutiaji in his speech said that Ramadan can be interpreted as hot or burning, which means that the month of Ramadan can burn the sins in humans. Sutiaji also invited the congregation to make this month of Ramadan a material for self-evaluation and introspection towards God's love for humans. "Allah loves those who believe and those who do not believe. Allah has instilled love for His servants regardless of the status of His servants," he said. Sutiaji also reminded us not to delay goodness because we do not know death is coming. So take advantage of the month of Ramadan by planting goodness.

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