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Building a Solid Public Administration Journal, FIA UB Holds a National Workshop on Journal Publishing

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As a forum for coordinating and strengthening enthusiasm for publishing journals as part of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, the Public Administration Department of FIA UB held a "National Workshop on Public Administration Science Journals" yesterday (14/3). Located in the Meeting Room, Building B, 2nd Floor, Prof. Ali Saukah, Ph.D as the main speaker.

In delivering the material, Prof. Ali provides many tips and tricks in building and strengthening sustainable academic journals. According to the man who serves as Chair of the Education Science Journal Board at the State University of Malang (UM), a good journal is a journal that is not published by a department or faculty. "The best journal publishers are organizations consisting of people who are specifically involved in a particular field of scientific discipline, so they are more focused in their work," said this UM professor.

Prof. Ali Saukah, Ph.D
Prof. Ali Saukah, Ph.D
Sarasehan Nasional Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik
National Workshop on Public Administration Science Journal

Met separately, the Chair of the Committee, Dr. Hermawan explained that the initial aim of holding this event was simple, namely to learn together to write scientific articles in journals. “This event is one of the work agenda Indonesian Association of Public Administration (IAPA) to equalize thoughts and enthusiasm in writing and publishing journals in the field of Public Administration," said the lecturer who also serves as Chair of IAPA East Java. According to him, with representatives from IAPA branches from several provinces, it is hoped that this event can strengthen journals in their respective institutions.

Apart from being attended by lecturers within the Public Administration Department of FIA UB, this event was also attended by dozens of lecturers from various universities representing IAPA branches in their respective provinces. Acting as speakers were several lecturers from the Department of Public Administration who currently hold positions on the editorial board of the Journal of Public Administration Science. (ALA/FIA)

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