S1 Education Administration Study Program Successfully Wins “Excellent” Predicate

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Alhamdulillah. The only expression of gratitude that can be said is from the Head of the Education Administration Study Program, Dr. Hermawan, M.Si after ensuring that the study program he led received "Excellent" accreditation from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Education (LAMDIK). Yes, through the decree numbered 325/SK/LAMDIK/Ak/S/III/2023, the Education Administration Study Program is certain to win the top title in the accreditation assessment of education study programs. This result is the result of his hard work with the Task Force team, which has been preparing for this accreditation for the past year. Thus, now all undergraduate level study programs at FIA UB have received "Excellent" accreditation from their respective accreditation institutions.

Suasana visitasi lapangan LAMDIK untuk Prodi Administrasi Pendidikan
The atmosphere of the LAMDIK field visit for the Educational Administration Study Program

To the Public Relations Team, Hermawan expressed his gratitude to several parties who played a role in this achievement. Among them are the UB Chancellor, the Dean of FIA UB, the entire Task Force team, as well as support from students, alumni, and alumni users. He hopes that this achievement will provide great benefits for institutions and students. "With this title, hopefully the reputation of FIA UB will be better, and also have a positive impact on the competitiveness of alumni," said the man who was born in Madiun.

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