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FIA Students Collect Medals for UNJ Cup Event

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Naufal Hafiz Hariyanto, a badminton athlete from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has made another achievement. This time, he and his colleagues managed to win medals at the Jakarta State University (UNJ) Cup competition in East Jakarta on 22-25 November 2018. At the competition, the team won a Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles and Bronze in the Men's Doubles category.

Naufal admitted that he was overwhelmed by his rivals because he had more flying hours than him.

“The selection stage is a knockout system. The opponent is quite heavy because they are seniors. But I'm grateful to be able to win this competition,” explained this Public Administration student.

He explained that in the raber final he won a set 22-20 18-21 21-12 which in the third match he lost against Makassar State University (UNM). Before reaching the final, he and his colleagues succeeded in defeating the Jakarta State University (UNJ) and other universities in Indonesia.

Previously, Naufal also won an achievement at the Inersio Cup event held by UM last October. He won three championships in the men's doubles category. Naufal admitted that he had hard training to prepare for the UNJ Cup with seniors in UB.

"Hopefully in the following events, I can consistently win the championship and reach first place," he concluded.

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