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Two FIA UB Students Win Winners in Pertamina Youth Eco-Preneur Competition 2015

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The name of FIA UB on the national stage was raised again after Bildiosta Sappar and Taufiq Aldyansha, two students majoring in Business Administration, succeeded in bringing home the 2nd place title in Pertamina Youth Eco-Preneur Competition on 13-14 May 2015. In the national scale competition entitled "Eco-Products for Indonesia's Future", the ABS Industry company they founded succeeded in impressing the jury with an environmentally friendly engine product which they called G-MAP 1 (Green Machine Prototype Generation 1). The machine is capable of turning plastic waste such as drink bottles into multi-purpose rope fibers that are strong and elastic and whose thickness can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Tim ABS Industry: (ki-ka) Khasemy, Bildiosta, dan Taufiq
ABS Industry Team: (left-right) Khasemy, Bildiosta, and Taufiq

As explained by ABS Industry CMO Taufiq Aldyansha, this competition brought together eight finalist teams who passed the selection from a total of 86 proposals from various campuses throughout Indonesia. The winners are entitled to get cash, the opportunity to take part in a series of workshops in the field of environmentally friendly energy held by Pertamina, as well as free pass to the 2015 International Student Energy Summit (ISES) which will be held in Bali in mid-June. "The international conference will be attended by delegates from 80 countries with around 50 speakers who are experts in the energy sector. "This is a great opportunity to introduce national products like ours to the international community," said the student who is interested in International Business.

This ABS Industry company is the result of collaboration between three Brawijaya University students, namely Bildiosta Sappar and Taufiq Aldyansha (FIA UB) and Khasemy Rafsanjany (FISIP UB). During the construction of the G-MAP 1 machine, they received assistance from several colleagues at the UB Faculty of Engineering and PPPP-TK VEDC. From the environmentally friendly rope fiber produced by this machine, various other products that are useful for everyday life can be made, such as palm fiber brooms and mats. With this product, the three of them want to contribute to the vision of Universitas Brawijaya to become Green Campus as well as Malang City which wants to become Green City. (ALA/TA/FIA)

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