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Two Teams of FIA UB Students Pass to the 2016 International Business Model Competition

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Good news coming from the United States. Two teams headed by students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) have passed the selection and are entitled to take part in the event International Business Model Competition (IBMC) 2016. The two teams are Beetech, which consists of Muhammad Ilham Akbar, Satrio Tegar Sadewo, Ani Atul Arif, and Allan Dwi Pranata, and LocKay, which consists of Rangga Arya Wibowo, Ayu Dyah Hapsari, and Alfida Ayu Fitria. The world's most prestigious business modeling competition is planned to be held on April 29-30 2016, at the Microsoft Campus, Redmund, Washington DC, United States of America.

It was stated in the electronic mail received by each team that the selection was very strict. The selection process involves four independent judges who provide an objective assessment of all applicants. And as a result, a team from FIA UB was chosen to make Universitas Brawijaya proud among the big names of other campuses, such as the University of Queensland, Brigham Young University, University of British Columbia, and Saint Mary's University.

Microsoft Campus di Washington DC, tempat Beetech dan LocKay bertanding di IBMC nanti
Microsoft Campus in Washington DC, where Beetech and LocKay compete at IBMC later

Brillyanes Sanawiri, assistant to the Beetech and Lockay teams, said that his team passed because they took part in the At-Large Round selection. Brilly, as he is affectionately called, explained that there are at least two paths to follow IBMC. "Several campuses hold qualification rounds for their respective regional areas, such as the Japan Business Model Competition for the East Asia region and the Espriex Business Model Competition organized by FIA UB for the ASEAN region. Apart from that, the IBMC committee also opens registration via the At-Large Round," explained the FIA UB lecturer.

Brilly further explained that Beetech and Lockay had actually tried to enter the final round of IBMC through the Espriex Business Model Competition last February. However, the achievements of the two at that time were not enough to pocket a ticket to the United States. "At that time they were in 5th place out of all the finalists, while we only sent the first place winner to represent ASEAN at IBMC. Finally, we pushed Beetech and Lockay to enter through the At-Large Round and they passed," said the man who will also be one of the speakers in a series of conferences that will be held simultaneously with IBMC later.

Furthermore, Beetech and Lockay will compete with 46 other teams from around the world in the final round of IBMC in the United States later this month. All accommodation needs are planned to be borne by the sponsor and the university.

Article: Aulia Luqman Aziz

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