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BPPM FIA UB Holds Socialization of SIPP and the 2017 Book Resistance Program

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The Research and Community Service Agency (BPPM) of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) held a workshop with material on increasing the scientific productivity of lecturers, Monday (20/2). The activity was titled "Socialization of Research Information Systems and Community Service (SIPP), 2017 Book Endurance Competition Grant Program (PHK), and Citation Improvement".

Three presenters attended the event which was held in the Seminar Room, Building B, 2nd Floor of FIA UB. Namely, Widodo PhD, as KKJF Research of LPPM UB, Dr Ir Ussy Andawayanti MS, as Chair of the 2017 PHK UB Committee, and Sujarwoto PhD, a lecturer at FIA UB who has experience in publishing articles in reputable international journals. Meanwhile, acting as the moderator is Dr. Mohammad Nuh MSi, who is also the Head of BPPM FIA UB. 

The Dean (Second from the left) is delivering a speech

In his speech, the Dean of FIA UB Prof Dr Bambang Supriyono MS saw the importance of this event for the career development of the lecturers. The Dean said that the presence of the lecturers was expected to increase productivity in writing articles and books in the future. "The presence of the lecturers even though it was on the first day of lectures shows the enthusiasm of the lecturers to continue to improve themselves for the sake of quality scientific publications," said the Dean.

In addition, the Dean was also grateful for the presence of three speakers who were competent in their fields. The Dean explained that the two presenters from LPPM UB and UB Press are familiar to UB people in general. "For example, Mr. Widodo, he is the most productive writer in Universitas Brawijaya," added the Dean.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ir Ussy Andawayanti explained a lot about the requirements and procedures for taking part in the 2017 Book Resilience Termination. Ussy explained that all active lecturers had the right to take part in this program. Every proposal and manuscript that passes the selection at UB Press will receive an incentive of Rp. 25 million and the printing of 300 copies of the book. "The condition is that at the end of March, ladies and gentlemen must have submitted 40% of proposals and book manuscripts of a minimum number of pages, which is 100 pages. There will be a selection process later reviews before it is fit for publication,” explained the lecturer in the Department of Irrigation Engineering. 

On the other hand, Widodo PhD explained that the newly built SIPP system would make it easier for LPPM UB to count the number of research publications and community service by UB lecturers. His party admitted, so far LPPM UB has only succeeded in identifying 81 TP3T from the number of research and community service. "For that, the system is based on line this will facilitate the future performance of LPPM UB in tidying up research data and community service," said Widodo. 

Meanwhile, Sujarwoto PhD invites all lecturers to have a Google Scholar account. This account is important to know to what extent each lecturer's scientific work has been cited by other authors. "If we have Google Scholar, we can detect how far we have come in publishing articles," said Sujarwoto, who has published several articles in Scopus indexed journals.


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Article/Photo: Aulia Luqman Aziz

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