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During the industrial revolution 4.0, the level of competition experienced by Generation Z to get jobs was increasingly difficult. Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics in February 2022, the open unemployment rate for university graduates is 884,769 people. One of the causes of this phenomenon is the gap between the quality of human resources and the competencies required by the company. As a first step in dealing with the issue of university graduate unemployment, Universitas Brawijaya, especially the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, provides four internship program schemes, which aim to train students' skills and abilities before entering the real world of work.

The following are the four types of internship programs provided by the FIA:

  1. Regular Internship

An internship program that can be taken by students who have taken internship courses and is carried out starting in the 6th semester which generally starts during the 6th semester break with a minimum of 113 credits that have been taken. Regular apprentice registration process through website SIFIA and requires KRS as well as a proposal as an internship application for the destination company or agency. Templates Proposals and more detailed information can be checked in the latest internship handbook.

  1. Conversion Intern

A form of appreciation for students who are active in certain activities. Each activity has a different point weight, depending on the type of activity, the scale of the activity, to the position held with the minimum points that can be converted are activities that can be converted are students who are active in organizations or committees, students who have excelled at national and international levels, students who have been in business for at least 1 year, student employee, and active students as tax volunteers.

  1. Industrial Internship (MBKM) and PMMB

The MBKM-based internship is an activity organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and is part of the Merdeka Campus. The purpose of the MBKM internship is to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves through internships at companies that are registered as partners. The MBKM internship can be attended a maximum of 2 times (2 semesters). This internship can be converted into 20 credits with the condition that you choose an internship position that is relevant to the subject to be converted.

  1. Independent Internship

This type of internship can be carried out by students at any time as long as it does not conflict with the courses taken and is not mandatory (usually to add to the student's portfolio). Unlike the three internships above, independent internships cannot be converted into credits. Independent internships are recommended to be taken during semester breaks or when there are no dependents for courses. To register for an independent internship, an independent internship cover letter is required that is submitted to the Deputy Dean III. In their registration, several companies require a proposal for independent internship registration, but there are also companies that only require a CV.

Each internship program has different technicalities and forms which allow students to choose based on individual needs and abilities. Students need to pay close attention and seek information to prepare for internships in order to produce output the maximum. With this internship program, students are expected to be able to understand the world of work so they can prepare themselves before graduating by honing good skills soft skills And hard skills. Come on, build yourself up to become highly competitive and qualified human resources.

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