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Annual Award for Excellence for Brawijaya University

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The Department of Business, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, presented another award to Universitas Brawijaya at the beginning of 2015. In series Awards 2014, Asian Association of Schools of International Business (AASBI) awarded Brawijaya University with “Annual Award for Excellence” for its performance in building an image as an entrepreneurship-based campus that is recognized worldwide. The award given by the Asian business majors association was presented yesterday to the Business Department represented by Dr. Kusdi Rahardjo, DEA. This award can be a motivation for the Business Department in particular and Brawijaya University in general to continue to strive to realize its mission as an entrepreneurship-based world campus that is recognized internationally.

Sertifikat Annual Award for Excellence untuk UB

Annual Award for Excellence Certificate for UB

Previously, AASBI had accredited the Business Department as one of the leading business departments in Asia. (ALA/FIA)

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