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Ust. Farid Hamidy: Don't Fail Our Ramadan with These Ten Factors

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The month of Ramadan is a glorious month that is always awaited by all Muslims around the world. In that month, Allah SWT opens the door of His mercy and forgiveness as wide as possible so that the slightest good deed will get a double reward when compared to the months outside of Ramadan. However, there are at least ten factors that can frustrate someone from getting the abundance of bonuses in the month of Ramadan. One of them is that someone's days in the month of Ramadan are still the same as the days outside the month of Ramadan. “Once I observed a restaurant located near a mosque in Malang City during Isya'. In fact, the number of visitors at the restaurant could be up to three times the number of worshipers for Isya' and Tarawih prayers at the mosque,” said Ust. Farid Hamidy, Lc., a well-known preacher in Malang Raya who filled in the taushiyah in an iftar event with the big family of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB), yesterday (1/7).

The Ustad, who works in the Department of Religion in Malang City, continued that a special month must of course be treated in a special way. If almsgiving is usually rare or mediocre, then this month almsgiving, infaq, and zakat should be encouraged. What's more, there are many people out there who can't enjoy eating and drinking well, so it becomes an opportunity for us to do charity through alms. “Actually, the angel prayed for our alms to be replaced with as much as possible, and the angel's prayer must have been answered. And for people who are reluctant to give alms, angels pray for their destruction, whether through illness, bankruptcy, or other calamities," said the former MAN 3 Malang teacher while quoting a hadith.

In this joint breaking event, all elements of the FIA UB academic community appeared to be present, from students, lecturers, to education staff who also invited their spouses and children. This event, which is routinely held every month of Ramadan, aims to strengthen friendship ties between the big family of FIA UB, so that collaboration that is established as a family for the realization of the vision and mission of FIA UB can increase optimally. (ALA/FIA)

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