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In the context of monitoring and evaluation of international internship activities held by the Public Administration Department of FIA UB, two FIA UB lecturers visited the Faculty of Political Science & Law, Burapha University, Thailand (21-25/7). The two lecturers are Dr. Fadillah Amin, M.Si., Ph.D and Rispa Ngindana S.AP., M.AP. While in Thailand, both of them carried out Monitoring and Evaluation of international internships for Public Administration students, as well as being guest speakers in a Guest Lecture with the theme "Fiscal Decentralization: Lesson Learned from Indonesia".

In addition, both of them also held a discussion of follow-up activities in order to appreciate the MoU between Brawijaya University and Burapha University. This discussion includes joint lecturer, joint research with system joint funding, programs short courses with a period of 4 to 7 days and programs exchange student for 1 semester taking into account the provisions of AUN (ASEAN University Network), especially related to the curriculum to be transferred in this program.

Rispa Ngindana, SAP, MAP (right), Dr.Fadillah Amin, MAP, Ph.D (second from right), and Asst.Prof.Pol.Lt.Col. Waiphot Kulachai, Ph.D (third from left)

Monitoring and evaluation of this international apprenticeship was carried out for students of Public Administration Undergraduate Study Program and Educational Administration Undergraduate Study Program with a total of 11 apprentice participants. This international internship activity was carried out from 30 June 2019 to 29 July 2019.

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