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Universitas Jambi Learns Management of Labs at FAS UB

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(14/11) The Laboratory of Politics and Governance (LPTP) received a visit from the D-IV Study Program of Government Management and Regional Financial Administration, the University of Jambi, for Benchmarking Laboratory located in Building E, 7th floor, common meeting room. Head of LPTP, Dr. Ike Wanusmawatie, Secretary Department of Public Administration Wike, M.Si, DPA, Head of Lab. Tourism Edriana Pangestuti, M.Si, DBA, and Head of the Lab. Gallery and Investment Dr. Saparila Worokinasih, M.Sc., attend this activity. This activity will last for two days, 14-15 Nov. Tomorrow, we will proceed to Building B, 2nd floor, to be officially accepted by the leadership and staff within the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya.

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