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Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of FIA UB, Simple and Solemn

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Entering its 55th year, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) held the "55th Anniversary Celebration" on the day of its establishment on September 15 2015 today. In the event which was held simply and solemnly, all FIA UB academics had the opportunity to attend, starting from lecturers, educational staff, both active and retired, to student representatives. The event was held in the Hall of Building A, 4th Floor with the main event being cutting the tumpeng as a symbol of prayer and hope for a better FIA UB in the future.

Dekan Prof Dr Bambang Supriyono menyerahkan nasi tumpeng kepada Drs Chalim Yusuf
Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono handed over the tumpeng rice to Drs Chalim Yusuf

Starting the event, the Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS in his speech invited all attendees to pray for the big family of FIA UB who are sick or have passed away. As is known, in the past three months, three members of FIA UB have passed away to the presence of Allah SWT, namely Muslims (educational staff), Dr. Muhammad Saleh Soe'aidy, MA. and Drs. Soewondo, MS (both lecturers in the Department of Public Administration) who just passed away a few days ago. Meanwhile, a member of FIA UB who is sick is Dr. Darminto and Dr. Kertahadi, M.Com, both lecturers in the Department of Business Administration). "Let's pray for them so that all their services will receive the best reward from Allah SWT," said the Dean.

The Dean also said that the 55th year of FIA UB means that he has entered adulthood. Starting from the establishment of the Faculty of Business Administration which became the forerunner of FIA UB on September 15, 1960, then became the Faculty of Administration and Administration in 1962, FIA UB has now become a faculty full of achievements. "Behind the ups and downs that we went through together, FIA UB managed to achieve many achievements, including when younger students succeeded in becoming the overall champion at the 2015 Brawijaya Olympics yesterday. FIA UB has also managed to get an achievement as the best public service provider in UB this year," explained the Dean.

Meanwhile, one of the FIA UB Professors, Prof. Dr. Soesilo Zauhar, MS was lined up to give a betel leaf in this moment of thanksgiving. According to Prof. Sus, his nickname, FIA UB is like a garden where various kinds of flowers grow. Even though they are different, these differences should not divide, but unite for the progress of FIA UB in the future. "The older generation is like leaves that have died, but they are of great use as fertilizer which will grow green and young plants," said Prof. Sus in his philosophical style.

Prof Dr Soesilo Zauhar menyampaikan sekapur sirih
Prof. Dr. Soesilo Zauhar conveyed a hint of betel

In addition, Prof. Sus also invited all academicians to jointly struggle to raise FIA UB sincerely as was done by their predecessors with limited facilities. According to him, there are two ways to maintain the already big FIA UB, namely by always reaching out a hand when the FIA is in trouble and giving a smile when the FIA is sad. "I'm sure the helping hands and smiles of all of them will not diminish the hands and lips of all of you," said the friendly lecturer closing his remarks.

The event hosted by Dr. Riyanto, M.Hum (Director of UBTV) was continued with a prayer led by Prof. Dr. Achmad Fauzi, MA, then closed by cutting the tumpeng that had been prepared on the stage. Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS gave the first tumpeng piece to Drs. Chalim Yusuf who was also the former Dean during the early period of FIA UB's establishment. The event was closed warmly by all the attendees.


Coverage Team:

Article: Aulia Luqman Aziz

Photo: Hendrik Tri Laksono

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