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Academic Seminar for the Department of Business Administration: UMKM, Is Small Still Beautiful?

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The Department of Business Administration, FIA UB, is once again holding an Academic Seminar. The event, which is held regularly once a month, yesterday (14/4) presented Kholid Mawardi, Ph.D as a speaker and was attended by all lecturers in the Department of Business Administration. On that occasion, Kholid raised the presentation title "Is Small Still Beautiful?" to discuss MSME problems in Indonesia.

According to the man who was recently appointed as Secretary of the Bachelor of Business Administration Study Program, it is not easy to measure the success of MSMEs in Indonesia. This is due to the informal nature of the main character of MSMEs, making it difficult to pursue their performance objectively. According to him, the characteristics of informal MSMEs are the reluctance of business owners to prepare financial reports and the existence of different perceptions about the performance of MSMEs. “The solution is that we have to use subjective assessments which are also sufficient reliable because they have a relationship convergent validity, discriminant validity, And construct validity," he said.

Head of the Department of Business Administration Prof. Dr. Endang Siti Astuti, MS hopes that this activity can be carried out regularly to give lecturers the opportunity to share their research interests and other lecturers who become listeners to add to their scientific knowledge. "Lecturers who want to or are currently studying PhDs can also submit their research proposals here to get input from fellow lecturers," he added. (ALA/FIA)

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