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RCCP FIA UB Holds Training for Planners of the Ministry of Religion Affairs

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Pusdiklatren Administrative Staff of Research and Development Research Center of the Ministry of Religion in collaboration with Pusbindiklatren Bappenas and RCCP FIA UB held the Ministry of Religion's First Independent Expert Planning Functional Training. The activity aims to improve the competency of the first expert planner functional position, taking place from 12 September to 28 October 2022 with an e-learning mechanism. The opening of the training was attended by the Head of Pusbindiklatren Bappenas, Head of RCCP FIA Universitas Brawijaya (UB), and Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. The event was held online via Zoom Meeting.

Dean of FIA UB Drs. Andy Fefta Wijaya, MDA., Ph.D said that the Faculty of Administrative Science was honored to have been entrusted by the Pusbindiklatren Bappenas to carry out the First Expert Planner Functional Training. "All of us resource persons will help facilitate knowledge related to planning aspects. We will also share our experience assisting development planning programs from both regional and central agencies," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of RCCP FIA UB Wilopo reported that the training was attended by 25 participants from various work unit backgrounds within the Ministry of Religion. "Participants come from the Regency/City Ministry of Religion, PTKN, and echelon 1 units at the Central Ministry of Religion. In this training the presenters will collaborate with 3 faculties, namely the Faculty of Administrative Sciences," he said.

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