Dr Saparila Worokinasih and Dr Ika Ruhana Walk to FIA UB Academic Senate Chairs Through PAW

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The Business Administration Department appointed Dr. Saparila Worokinasih, M.Sc. and Dr. Ika Ruhana, M.Si as a Candidate Member of FIA UB's Academic Senate Shifting Periodically as a representative of the Department of Business Administration. Both were determined through a deliberation among internal department lecturers which was held online on Wednesday (13/4). The selection of the two was based on the process for selecting Candidates for Members of the FIA Academic Senate in 2021. At that time, both of them took part in the election procession, but were outnumbered by the other candidates. Now, both of them were appointed to represent the Department of Business Administration as the remaining candidates from the last election.

The selection process itself had to be carried out because two representatives of the department had previously held positions in faculty leadership at Universitas Brawijaya. The two of them are Mukhammad Kholid Mawardi, Ph.D who currently serves as Deputy Dean at the Vocational Faculty, and Dr Muhammad Faisal Riza, M.Sc. who serves as Deputy Dean at FIA UB. With this position, both of them automatically won seats in the academic senate of their respective faculties, and therefore their determination through the election mechanism had to be cancelled.

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