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Announcement of International Class Program Selection (Class K)


No. 9203 /UN10.F03.01/PP/2020



In connection with the selection of students for the International class program (class K) for new students class of 2020 majoring in Business Administration and Public Administration, we are announcing the following names of students who passed the selection, including the following:

No Study Program NIM Name Status
1 Business Administration 205030200111022 Shaveera Maharani Passed
2 205030207111043 Kho Victoria Ruth Manuela Passed
3 205030201111045 Valence Claudia Passed
4 205030201111039 Fransisca Ratri Pramudita Passed
5 205030207111076 Thifal Maida Wilhelmina Passed
6 205030200111156 Marissa Rifdah Vika Passed
7 205030200111151 Septi lutfia rahmadani Passed
8 205030200111067 Salfa Mahfirah Passed
9 205030207111111 Mohammad Alisra Siswoyo Passed
10 205030200111009 Shannon Saghava Aqfa Dzikrullah Passed
11 205030200111096 Rizkiya Malahayati Passed
12 205030207111052 Muhammad Sirajudin Abbas Passed
1 Public Administration 205030101111022 Princess Ramadhani Magfirah Passed
2 205030107111063 Ekya Pirana Brema Ginting Passed
3 205030100111039 Ekaterina Eugene Natasha Passed
4 205030100111131 Abdiel Yusuf Ashari Putra Passed
5 205030100111016 Arivanda Firdausi Haryananda Passed
6 205030101111059 Rotatilsa Rombe Paembonan Passed
7 205030107111004 Shafira Azzahra Shafa Passed
8 205030107111070 Fatima Nadia Passed
9 205030100111053 Rheina Ayudya Passed


The lectures will start from today Monday, 2 November 2020. Therefore, for students who have passed the selection, please monitor the latest class schedule at each SIAM. The official announcement can be downloaded here. Thus this announcement was made, thank you for your attention.



Malang, 30 October 2020

An Dean

Deputy Dean I



Yusri Abdillah, S.Sos., M.Sc., Ph.D

NIP. 19741227 200312 1 002

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