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International Journal Writing and Publishing Clinic

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The “Indexed International Journal Writing and Publishing Clinic” activity was organized by the Business Administration Study Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences on June 26, 2016. This activity was one of a series of visiting professor agendas. In this activity Prof. Dr. Julian Ming-Sung Cheng from National Central University shared tips on how to publish indexed international journals to all lecturers in the business administration department as well as Master and Doctoral students in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. According to him, the things that need to be considered in publishing indexed international journals are level of journal, research topics and research contributions. Level of journal, the researcher must find out how the reputation of the journal is, whether national, regional, or global. Apart from the level of journal, another thing to consider is the research topic. The research topic is very important to think about because it determines whether the research topic is in accordance with the journal, whether the research is new, and whether the research addresses current issues. And the third research contribution. According to Prof. Dr. Julian Ming-Sung Cheng, research contributions are very important to show how much the research benefits and results are. Research contributions can be in the form of new discoveries/facts, testing facts or assumptions, testing theories that are still in doubt, and the existence of new propositions. It is hoped that with this activity the participants will be more mature in preparing for publication in indexed international journals


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