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Garbage Innovation Among FIA Students Wins Gold Award in International Event

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Another proud achievement was achieved by students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). The reason is, Regita Nurina Salsabila from the 2016 Public Administration Study Program won a Gold Award in the International Invention & Innovation Competition held in Malaysia, October 20 2018 through ideas in innovating about waste.

Looking at Indonesia as the second largest producer of plastic waste in the world, Regita intends to innovate to reduce the impact of this by creating a platform. Together with his four friends from various departments in UB, Regita created a platform concept by connecting scavengers with people who want to sell their waste.

Regita Nurina Salsabila

"Our platform is based on techno socio preneur which focuses more on entrepreneurship and forms of community service," explained Rere, her nickname.

He added that the city where he currently lives, namely Malang, already has various innovations to deal with and utilize waste. However, the government argued that they should always encourage youth in Malang to think creatively about this problem.

"Many people choose Malang as their place of residence, due to study or work. If the growth rate of Malang increases, so will the waste," said Rere.

Even though it is a platform, the team has received investment from one of the leading IT companies in Indonesia thanks to the Gold Award in the High Institutional category – Science, Engineering and Technology what they got at the international event.

"Hopefully, can become a platform that can provide many benefits for the environment and can reduce the level of waste productivity in Indonesia," Rere added to the PSIK FIA UB team.

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