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Librarian Seminar and Workshop Event Presents National and International Speakers

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Library Science and Information Science Study Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Librarian Seminar and Workshop which was held for three days (5-7/9/2018). The event which aims to communicate and public discussion related to the paradigm of librarianship in Indonesia was attended by academics and professionals from all over Indonesia. Located in the FIA UB Hall, the Semiloka was opened with remarks by Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS, as Dean; and Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR, MS., as Rector.

In this regard, Prof. Bambang conveyed that there was a concrete development in terms of policy from the implementation of the Seminar and Workshop.

"Technology can affect all fields, including the development of libraries which are currently more in demand on a digital basis," explained Prof. Bambang. In the FIA itself, the library cannot be separated from information. That is why the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education agreed to approve the study program of Library Science and Administration Science at FIA UB.

Furthermore, Rector Nuhfil appreciated the Librarian Seminar and Workshop activities which were held in collaboration between the Higher Education Library Forum (FPPTI) and the Indonesian Association of Library & Information Science Scholars (ISIPII) and FIA UB.

"Now it's the academics' job how digital libraries can be reached by village communities. If the library has spread from hardcopy to softcopy, then the nation's literacy will develop, "explained the Professor of FP UB.

Cooperation Agreement

The Librarian Seminar and Workshop activity with the theme "Information Management: Institutional Connectivity, Public Information Disclosure and Knowledge Dissemination" was opened with the signing of a collaboration between the Public University Libraries Cooperation Forum (FKP2TN), the Malang city Library and Archives Office, and the Aqil Study Room with UB in order to achieve the Tri Dharma of Higher Education

Semiloka activities were attended by National and International presenters. Present as one of the speakers namely Johan Budi, SP., Special staff of the Republic of Indonesia's presidential spokesperson. In his material on Government Strategic Information and Communication, Johan emphasizes always providing accurate and credible information so that readers can clearly receive it.

"The role of public and media literacy is very important and must provide true, accurate, reliable information," said Johan.

Apart from Johan, the presenters in the Semiloka, including Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS., as the Dean of FIA UB; Marrik W. Bellen, Director KITLV – Jakarta and Permanent Representative of Leiden University; Lilian Gassie, Assistant Director, Knowledge Service Group, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, USA; Ida Fajar Priyanto, Graduate School, UGM Information and Library Management; Dr. Bonnie Suherman, M.Ak., Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Surabaya. The speakers were divided into several sessions in the Semiloka.

The following day there was a National Workshop which was divided into several classes, including Public Information Studies, Higher Education Library Studies, and Library Science and Information Sciences guided by speakers who were experts in their fields.

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