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Bebi Romeo also enlivened the 63rd FIA UB Anniversary Gala Dinner

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Still in commemoration of the 63rd Anniversary, FIA UB held a Gala Dinner, Saturday evening (7/10). The event was attended directly by the UB Chancellor, vice chancellors, deans from other faculties, and directors in several directorates. The event was lively with the distribution of door prizes to both the leaders who attended, as well as to the academic community who attended. Moreover, the presence of singer and songwriter Bebi Romeo as a special guest star.

To the invitees, UB Chancellor Prof. Widodo, M.Si., Ph.D.Med.Sc expressed his congratulations on the increasing age of FIA UB. With the new SAE POL slogan, the Chancellor hopes that in the future FIA UB can continue to develop not only at the national level, but also internationally. "We are currently establishing an international Matching Fund collaboration with a campus in Thailand, namely Thammasat University. "Programs like this can be utilized by the FIA UB community," said the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Bebi Romeo performed 8 songs at the Gala Dinner. Among the songs sung were songs he wrote which were quite familiar even to the ears of the professors present, namely "Last Flower", "I Love You and Him", and "Sadis". Bebi wishes FIA UB a happy 63rd birthday.

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