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No NIM Name of Study Program 1 155030101111005 INDIRA NOER ROHMAWATI,S.AP. S1 Public Administration Science 2 155030100111035 AGNES WIDIAWATY NAIBAHO,S.AP. S1 Public Administration Science 3 155030107111027 REVA KURNIAWAN BHASKARA PUTRA,S.AP. S1 Public Administration Science 4 155030100111086 MEGAWATI BINTANG,S.AP. S1 Public Administration Science 5 155030100111019 ERNI,S.AP. S1 Public Administration Science 6 145030101111117 ZAKIYYATUN NAFIISAH,S.AP. S1 Administrative Science … Read more

Announcement of Period I Dress Rehearsal and Graduation for 2019/2020 Academic Year

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:: Dress Rehearsal Dress Rehearsal at FIA-UB Must be attended by Prospective Graduates Period I of 2019/2020, which will be held on: Day, Date: Friday, 6 September 2019 Time: 08.30 WIB Place: Hall, 4th floor of the building A FIA UB :: Taking the Toga and Invitations The taking the toga and invitations will be held on: ... Read more

Announcement of Collection of Graduation Requirements for Period I 2019/2020 Academic Year

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ANNOUNCEMENT Number: 9698/UN10.F03.05.04/KM/2019 For Prospective Graduates/Wati Period I TA. 2019/2020 specifically for the Undergraduate level, it is MANDATORY to submit validated graduation requirements files on: Day: Monday - Friday Date: 19 - 30 August 2019 Place: Bag. FIA UB Student Affairs Time: Working Hours Thus, thank you for your attention and cooperation. … Read more