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Position: Assistant Professor
Categories: Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration, Lecturer in Educational Administration Study Program, Lecturer in Public Administration Study Program


S1 : Universitas Brawijaya

S2 : Universitas Brawijaya 

Public Administration

Education Administration (Educational Management)


  • Leadership
  • International Relations
  • Education administration
  • Entrepreneurship Kapitaselekta
  • Administrative Analysis
  • Learning Administration Planning
  • Organizational and Administrative Theory
  • Organizational Behavior and Development
  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Education Statistics
  • Education Quality Management
  • Educational Institutional Capacity
  • Student Administration
  • Development of Educational Administration theory
  • Education Administration Seminar
  • Indonesian Education System
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Educational Administration
  • Development Administration
  • Administration Ethics
  • Administrative Reform
  • History of the Development and thought of Administrative Sciences
  • State Administrative Law
  • Public Service Management
  • Public Sector Communication and Negotiations
Accordion Content