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Follow-up UAS Even Semester Academic Year 2013/2014

Below you can download a list of names of students who are entitled to take the 2013/2014 Even Semester Supplemental UAS, as attached. here.


  • For student Which his name listed in the list above, but has not completed the supplementary exam data (NIM, Courses, Classes and Lecturers) please contact the Academic Subdivision no later than July 8 2014
  • Exceeding these provisions, the administrative filing of the Supplementary Examination cannot be processed further.
  • The implementation of the Supplementary Examination is carried out by directly meeting the lecturer in charge of the subject concerned after fulfilling data verification in the Academic Subdivision
  • Students ask cover letter for supplementary exams in the Academic Subdivision (Admin Department. Business meet Mr. M. Bisri, Admin Department. Public meet Mr Khairul Anam), on weekdays to arrive date July 11, 2014, o'clock 14.00 WIB
  • The cover letter for the supplementary exam is then brought when meeting the lecturer in charge of the course to request a follow-up exam.


  • For students who feel have collected a doctor's certificate or permission letter that has been approved by the faculty leader but the name not yet on the list please do it soon contact the Academic Subdivision no later than July 8 2014, at 14.00 WIB

So that you can pay attention.

Thank You,
FIA UB Academic Subdivision

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