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Farewell, Ki Soewondo

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Soewondo Modf

The clouds of mourning are again hanging in the sky of FIA UB. Last night (12/9), Mr. Drs. Soewondo, MS., lecturer at the Department of Public Administration, at the age of 62. The deceased was declared dead after undergoing emergency treatment at the Unisma Islamic Hospital Emergency Room. The deceased was then buried at the Brawijaya University Cemetery located in Karangploso, Malang Regency, on Sunday (13/9) at 10.00 WIB.

During his lifetime, he was active as a lecturer at the Department of Public Administration. Finally, he was entrusted with being the Secretary of the Master of Public Administration Program. Aside from being a lecturer, he also initiated the establishment of the FIA Raras Sekar Arum art and musical association, which consists of lecturers, education staff, and students. From there, the deceased was then fondly called Ki Soewondo.

Many of the FIA UB academic community were surprised by the departure of the late Soewondo. Why not, until Friday night the deceased was still seen actively teaching with several other lecturers. At that time there were no signs that he would leave us forever.

One of the FIA UB lecturers who was quite close to the deceased, Drs. Dwi Atmanto, M.Sc., recounted that the deceased complained of not feeling well and asked Dwi to come to his house on Saturday night via telephone. At that time, Dwi was on his way to Batu. A moment later, Dwi turned towards the deceased's house on Jl. Andromeda 6. However, fate had other plans. "When I arrived at his house, it turned out that he had been declared dead at the Unisma RSI Emergency Room. I was very surprised by his departure,” explained the man who is currently pursuing his doctoral degree.

Prior to the departure of the bodies to the funeral this afternoon, UB Vice Rector II Dr. Shihabuddin took the time to tell a story about the deceased. According to him, he had known the deceased for a long time as a fellow lecturer at UB. Shihabuddin assessed that the figure of the deceased should be used as an example in everyday life. “During his life, Pak Soewondo was never angry. He also lived a simple life. We need to make him a role model in our lives," said the lecturer at the Faculty of Law.

Several people who had a close relationship with the deceased claimed to have lost the figure of Soewondo. Dian Antika Ayu Hapsari, for example, remembers the deceased as a good lecturer. "Even though in the past I was not guided by him during my thesis, I know he is a very good lecturer to students," said the alumni of FIA UB who now works as a journalist for Radar Malang daily. Andyka Muttaqin, another FIA UB alumni, also knows him as a good person. "I know him as a very good lecturer," said the lecturer at the Department of Public Administration. Meanwhile, Pitriyani, a Public Administration Masters Program student, could not hide her surprise at the news of the deceased's passing. According to him, it was only some time ago that he met Soewondo in the capacity of the deceased as one of the members reviewers his research proposal. He and his other colleagues also paid tribute to the funeral home to pray for the passing of the deceased.

Farewell, Ki Soewondo.

May Allah SWT be pleased to accept all his good deeds and forgive all his sins.


Contributor: Aulia Luqman Aziz

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