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Announcement of TOEIC and IC3 Tests

Number: 3319/UN10/AK/2014
Subject: IC3 Test

In connection with the graduation requirements for Brawijaya University students, we hereby need to convey the following:

  1. Students who will take part in graduation are required to pass the TOEIC test with a minimum score of 400 for undergraduate level and 350 for vocational level.
  2. Especially for students from the class of 2010 and before, they are required to take the IC3 test and to register for graduation, they are given a letter indicating that they have taken the IC3 test by the ITC (International Test Center)

THX for the attention.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Bisri, MS


Scans of the circular can be downloaded here.

Thank You,
FIA UB Academic Subdivision

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