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AirAsia Indonesia CEO: Don't Stop Innovating

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The key to dealing with disasters in business is to continue to prioritize genuine concern for those who feel the direct impact of the disaster. Even though the level of consumer confidence is falling, it is believed that the best service can slowly regain that trust. Those things were conveyed by Sunu Widyatmoko in the "CEO Talk Series: Leading in Turbulence and Competitive Landscapes" event in the Hall of Building A, Floor 4, FIA UB, Friday (4/12). For an hour and a half, the CEO of AirAsia Indonesia shared his experience dealing with disaster when one of his flights QZ8501 had an accident at the end of last year.

According to Sunu, before the unfortunate incident occurred, he always believed that the airline he led was the safest and best. This is motivated by the fact that all AirAsia flights are equipped with the most advanced standards, equipment and aviation security procedures. "This incident gave us a very valuable lesson so that we don't get complacent and always innovate," said the man who is also an alumni of the FIA UB Business Administration Department.

After the accident occurred, Sunu said that there was no other way that he and AirAsia owner Tony Fernandez could take other than continuing to accompany the victim's family during the process of searching for the plane. According to Sunu, the hardest thing when a disaster strikes a service company like his airline is changing public perception. At that time, he and Tony Fernandez took tactical steps based on genuine concern in order to regenerate public trust, including by having an office in Surabaya for two and a half months to assist the families of the victims and to open the widest possible information channel to the family and the mass media. . "The steps we have taken have been recognized by other countries as the best disaster services when compared to the attitudes taken by other airlines," said the acting CEO of AirAsia Indonesia since 2013.

On that occasion, Sunu had the opportunity to be reunited with some of his lecturers when he was still in his undergraduate degree. According to him, in the past he often questioned the objectives of the courses he took while studying at FIA UB. "But it turned out that the subjects I studied were the basis of my success in leading several companies, one of which was AirAsia," he added.  


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Article: Aulia Luqman Aziz

Photo: Hendrik Tri Laksono

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