Business Administration Course Structure - Semester 5


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Course Structure

This Research Methods course is designed to broaden and deepen understanding of different research approaches and methodologies to prepare students for their research projects according to the chosen business discipline. This course will assist students in identifying, discussing and formulating research problems, choosing and applying appropriate research practical approaches and research method designs (both quantitative and qualitative), as well as strategies for presenting research results. The success of this course can be shown from the ability of students to carry out their research projects. The discussion is directed at various principles and strategies in compiling research including:

(1) Ability to choose research topics, conduct initial research and develop appropriate problem formulations,

(2) The ability to formulate hypotheses in accordance with the chosen research method.

(3) develop a literature review and research methodology based on the selected topic, as well as

(4) Ability to use various relevant strategies in preparing scientific research proposals.

Introduction to Corporate Governance course (Corporate Governance) is designed to build a basic understanding of the structure and management of business organizations. It includes the study of best governance principles and practices, encompassing the legal and ethical responsibilities of shareholders, boards of directors, and executive management. Topics explored include the structure and function of the board of directors, shareholder rights, conflicts of interest, transparency and corporate reporting, oversight and risk management, and ethics and corporate social responsibility. Discussions may also include the consequences of poor corporate governance, such as corporate scandals and corporate failures. The main objective is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective and ethical business leaders, who understand the importance of implementing good governance policies to create value for all stakeholders.