Vision Mission and Objectives of the Business Administration Study Program



"Become a center for the development of Business Administration which is used as a national reference and is known by the ASEAN community"


  1. Organizing and developing PSAB management that prioritizes the values of transparency and accountability and provides excellent service to stakeholders.
  2. Organizing and developing education using educational technology (curriculum, infrastructure, knowledge, and teaching systems) that produces graduates who are adaptive to change and competitive.
  3. Carrying out and developing research to find, develop and test business administration knowledge that strengthens and enriches education and teaching and improves the welfare of society.
  4. Organizing and developing community service based on sensitivity in identifying problems and implementing research that contributes to solving problems in society.


  1. To produce qualified and professional Business Administration graduates according to graduate quality standards to compete in facing the global market in the ASIA region.
  2. Organizing a professional education system and an updated curriculum.
  3. Developing Business Administration Science that is responsive to the changing demands of stakeholder needs as well as ongoing and relevant researches with Business Administration Science.
  4. Synergize the theory of Business Administration and practice of Business Administration, based on quality and ethical applied methodology.
  5. Improving business administration practices through cooperation and partnerships
  6. Improving work networks with national and international stakeholders
  7. Increase transparency and accountability of business administration study programs
  8. Improving the quality of service to all stakeholders