Business Administration Course Structure - Semester 3


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Course Structure

The Leadership course is a mandatory subject in the Business Administration Study Program as an effort to increase understanding, attitudes, and leadership abilities in business both in theory and practice.

This course discusses the existence of information technology and its influence on business activities to the current internal organization.

This course is a compulsory major course that aims to provide knowledge, in-depth understanding and apply skills regarding cost accounting in industrial companies. It contains an understanding of the basic concepts of cost in accounting, cost classification, cost behavior, various methods of determining the cost of products including the determination of the cost of joint products and by-products, variable costing, as well as an understanding of standard costs, transfer prices, and analysis of marketing costs and profitability in business entities engaged in the industrial sector. This course emphasizes aspects of theoretical understanding and problem solving on a problem by using various case studies in a business entity engaged in manufacturing.

This course studies the basics of human resource management in organizations, namely planning HR needs, recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training and development, HR maintenance functions, the concept of occupational safety and health, the concept of industrial relations and termination of employment (PHK).

The Financial Management course is a compulsory subject in the Bachelor of Business Administration Study Program which discusses the meaning, functions and classification of capital, the functions of financial managers, working capital management, cash management, accounts receivable management, inventory management, sources of short-term spending, mathematical concepts in space scope of financial management, fixed asset management, techniques capital budgeting, capital rationing, unequal life And capital budgeting under risk.

The marketing strategy course is an elective course at Brawijaya University which emphasizes explanation and discussion of marketing concepts, principles and theories to students.

Operational Management is a course designed to give students a complete picture of an organization's operational activities. Furthermore, this course will also provide an overview of the relationship between Operations Management and the surrounding environment.

This course discusses business activities involving two or more countries. The focus of the discussion is aimed at definitions and theories of international business, major players in international business activities, cultural perspectives, internationalization strategies and seeing opportunities and challenges of international business in the future era.