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Position: Assistant Professor
Categories: Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration, Lecturer in Public Administration Study Program, Lecturer in Administrative Science Doctoral Study Program, Lecturer in Master of Public Administration Study Program, Lecturer in the Masters of Management Study Program of Higher Education

Dr., M.A.P. Ph. D

S1: Universitas Brawijaya

S2: Universitas Brawijaya

S3: The Flinders University Australia

Public Finance

  • Science phylosophy
  • Fiscal Monetary Policy
  • State Financial Administration
  • Public Accounting
  • Organization Development
  • Indonesian Economic System
  • Organization Development
  • HRM
  • Travel Business Accounting
  • Business And Community Governance
  • Capita Selecta Entrepreneurship
  • History of Thought in Administrative Sciences
  • Public Policy Formulation
  • Management Principles
  • Seminar on Governance
  • State Personnel Administration
  • History of Thought in Administrative Sciences
  • Development Theory
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Educational Administration/Management Theory
  • Government Financial Administration System
  • Fundamentals of Administrative Theory
  • Public Financial Management
  • History of Thought And Development. Adm Science.
  • Government Financial Management
  • Global Governance
  • Regional Development Planning Seminar
  • Public Policy Implementation
  • Scientific Writing Method
  • Fundamentals of Administrative Theory
  • Political Economy Of Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education administration
  • Administration and Governance Reform
  • State finances
  • Fiscal And Monetary Policy
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