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Position: Assistant Professor
Categories: Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, Lecturer in Taxation Study Program

S.Sos, MAB

S1: Universitas Brawijaya

S2: Universitas Brawijaya


Basic Financial Accounting: Principles and Cases

Intermediate Financial Accounting: Principles and Cases

Tax Administration System

Advanced Financial Accounting: Principles and Cases

Basic Accounting


Financial Accounting Practicum

Financial Accounting II

2022 : 

Analysis of Revenue and Use of Tobacco Excise Revenue Sharing Funds. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S. Sos., M.AB.)

2021 : 

The Role of Regional Taxes and Regional Levies on Original Regional Income. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S. Sos., M.AB.)

2020 : 

Comparative Analysis of District/City Tobacco Excise Profit Sharing Funds in East Java. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S. Sos, MAB

2022 : 

Small Business Skills Training and Production Cost Calculation. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S. Sos., M.AB)

2021 : 

Entrepreneurial Skills Training and Simple Bookkeeping. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S. Sos., M.AB. ANDRIANI KUSUMAWATI, S. Sos., M. Si., DBA. NOVA ERLYASARI, SE, M.Si. Dr. Dra. SITI ROCHMAH, M.Si.)

2020 : 

Online Marketing Techniques Training and Creativity Innovation During the Covid 19 Pandemic. (DEVI FARAH AZIZAH, S.Sos, MAB. Andriani Kusumawati, S.Sos, M.Si, DBA. Siti Rochmah, Dr, M.Si)

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