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Position: Associate Professor
Categories: Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, Lecturer in Business Administration Study Program, Lecturer in Administrative Science Doctoral Study Program, Lecturer in Master of Business Administration Study Program

S. Sos. M.Prof. Acc., DBA, CSRS

S1. Business Administration – Brawijaya University

S2. Master of Professional Accounting – Monash University Australia

S3. Doctor of Business Administration – University of Canberra Australia

Corporate Governance

Accounting and Finance

Sustainability Report


  • Introduction to Corporate Governance
  • Accountancy
  • Accounting System
  • Accounting Examination (Audit)
  • Bankruptcy Management


  • Corporate governance
  • Investment and Risk Management


  • Corporate Governance Theory and Business Ethics
  • Theory and Financial Decision Making

Corporate Governance

Sustainability Report


Development of Village Potential as an Ecotourism Village in Babadan Village, Ngajum District, Malang Regency (2022)

Training on Managing Scientific References Using Mendeley for Students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (2021)

Assistance in the Management of Pioneered BUMDes through Strengthening Creative Economy Insights Based on Leading Potentials in Kalisongom Village, Kec. Dau, Kab. Malang (2020)


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Editor in Chief: Profit (Journal of Business Administration)



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