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Gratification Control Unit of Universitas Brawijaya (UPG UB)

The Brawijaya University Gratification Control Unit (UPG UB) is a unit that has a central role in supervising and controlling the receipt of gratuities at Brawijaya University in a transparent and accountable manner. UPG UB carries out its duties through implementing a series of activities that are carefully designed and involve active participation from various parties, including government agencies, the business world and the community. The aim of these activities is to establish a gratuity control environment that is strong, efficient and has integrity in all aspects of university life.

UPG UB acts as an institution that encourages the application of ethical principles and honesty in all activities within the university, thereby ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest or actions that are detrimental to the institution. Through strict supervision and a structured reporting system, UPG UB ensures that any receipt of gratification that has the potential to give rise to a conflict of interest or impropriety is identified, reported and handled with appropriate action in accordance with applicable ethical and legal standards.

Apart from that, UPG UB also functions as an institution that plays a role in providing education and training to all members of the university community regarding ethics and procedures for handling gratuities. By increasing awareness and understanding of the dangers of uncontrolled gratification, UPG UB seeks to create a culture of integrity and prevention of gratification among the academic community.

With the existence of UPG UB, Universitas Brawijaya shows a strong commitment to implementing the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability, as well as involving various stakeholders in a joint effort to create a university environment that is free from gratification and works towards achieving appropriate academic and social goals. tall.