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Period VIII Graduation Ceremony for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

In connection with meeting the quota Graduation Period VIII 2013/2014 Academic Year, we hereby notify you of the following:

  1. The graduation procession was held on August 16, 2014.
  2. There are no cancellations or replacements for graduation participants.
  3. The graduation rehearsal was held on Friday, August 15 2014 at 15.00 WIB at  Samantha Krida UB.
  4. Faculties can accept invitations from graduates starting August 13 2014, by bringing proof of graduation payment.
  5. Students can take invitations at their respective Faculties after the Faculties take invitations from the Rector.
  6. The costs for the graduation ceremony are paid through BNI 46 to the Rector's Account of Universitas Brawijaya Number 0039649406
  7. Head of Academic Subdivision or Head of Student Affairs Subdivision report immediately to BAAK UB:
    • List of repeat graduates.
    • Double Degree Graduates / Foreign Students (if any)
  8. Online Registration for Graduation for the next period opens today Monday, August 4 2014

To see the list of graduates/graduates, please see here. Thus, we thank you for your attention and cooperation.
An. Rector
Vice Chancellor I
Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS
NIP. 19530709 198002 1 002

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