Universitas Brawijaya Enters THE Ranking by Subject 2021 in the Business and Economics Field and the Social Science Field

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The Times Higher Education or THE World University Ranking has published the world's higher education rankings in the category of scientific subjects. In the ranking launched by THE, Universitas Brawijaya is included in the ranks of the world's best tertiary institutions including in the subject of business and economics, and the subject of social sciences. Based on the release issued by THE at the end of October 2020, Universitas Brawijaya is ranked 601+ in the world in the subject of Business and Economics and in the subject of social sciences. In the list of fields of Business and Economics which includes the scientific fields of business administration, accounting, management, and economics, there are only six universities in Indonesia that are included in this ranking, where UB ranks third out of the six universities in Indonesia after UGM and UI in the first and second ranking. While on the subject of Social Sciences which includes fields of study such as communication and media science, politics, development studies, international studies, sociology, anthropology and geography, there are only four universities in Indonesia that are included in this ranking where UB occupies the second position (601 +) after UI which occupies the top ranking position of 501-600. These two scientific subjects are the main pillars of science in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya which are reflected in the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Public Administration.

As the ranking of THE World University Ranking, ranking by subject It also uses indicators which are divided into five pillars namely  teaching, research, citations, international outlook, And income industry; but by using special weighting adjusting the ranking field. Achievements by subject by Brawijaya University on the subject of Business and Economics and the subject of Social Sciences. This shows that the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, which houses two major departments, namely Business Administration and Public Administration, has sufficient provisions to be on par with major universities around the world. Increasing publication works that are widely cited, increasing international cooperation and branding, as well as industrial cooperation can make fields in FIA UB more known and recognized internationally.

Through https://prasetya.ub.ac.id/  UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Nuhfil Hanani, is grateful and appreciates the hard work of all UB academics for this achievement. Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono stated that he was proud of this recognition by THE and hoped that this achievement would continue to be improved in the future.

"Praise be to God, thank God, of course we at FIA UB are very happy for the recognition given by THE Magazine in the ranking of the fields of Business and Economics and Social Sciences for Universitas Brawijaya, in which in these two fields we develop the capacity for learning, research, community service, scientific publications , and cooperation with various parties both domestic and foreign, said the dean who has expertise in the field of Public Policy. "In the future we will continue to improve our achievements and it is hoped that this achievement can be continued by increasing the number of internationally accredited study programs so that the vision to become a center of excellence in the development of administrative science can be realized."

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