SeshaID Achievement of UB Library Knight Alumni

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SeshaID search engine start page

The family of the FIA UB Library Science Study Program on this occasion is proud again, because the Ksatria Pustaka alumni are able to implement the knowledge they gained at college into a benefit for the wider community. The form of scientific implementation carried out is by creating an educational search engine that supports the preservation of Indonesia's cultural heritage. Through their work, it has a public name, namely SeshaID, which was developed by a team of library knights with members Afib Rif'an Nashruddin, Erlangga Setiya Budi, and Reyhan Kamil.

This search engine innovation began in 2017 with the hope of having a search engine with educational value in it. It was through this dream that the three Library Knight alumni began their journey with various long researches. Finally, their dream came true on June 21 2021 with the release of SeshaID to the public. Through SeshaID they have a vision of "education" which means that every information has educational value and is organized from reliable sources, so that it can be used by all groups. The unique thing about SeshaID is that it provides main information about Indonesian culture, of course this is different from the commonly found Google Doodles. Apart from the SeshaID search engine as a reference for finding information, this library knight alumni also developed another service derived from SeshaID. The derivative service referred to by Afib is OneGLAM as a form of hosting to serve technology infrastructure in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

Afib, Erlangga, and Rayhan as a solid team of FIA UB Library Science alumni, have a common goal through SeshaID, namely providing quality and accountable information services. Apart from that, they hope that SeshaID can be used by various groups without any level and age restrictions. The Library Science Family is proud of alumni who are able to innovate and implement their knowledge and bring various benefits to society.

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