Professor Abdullah Said Offers a Development Planning Model based on Economic and Social Exchange

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Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdullah Said, M.Si was officially inaugurated as a Professor in the field of Development Planning. The inauguration given by the Academic Senate of Universitas Brawijaya was held at Samantha Krida, Tuesday (20/6). Prof. Abdullah Said is the 13th active professor in FIA, and the 168th active professor in UB, and the 314th professor out of all the professors produced by UB.

He delivered an inaugural speech entitled "Development Planning Model Based on Economic and Social Exchange to Increase Community Participation Awareness". From the studies that have been carried out, Prof. Abdullah Said said that development planning that generally exists today is procedural planning which relies more on administrative aspects where planners who are more pragmatic will quickly adjust because they are often more inclined to this style of planning.

Meanwhile, development planning in theory in planning or substantive planning will be closer to offerings to solve socio-economic problems that exist in society to be the real focus in planning, so that substantive planning creates flexibility from the planning results that have been made.

Economic and Social Exchange-Based Development Planning Model” is an effective planning model which is a combination of procedural and substantive planning carried out jointly and supported by the participation of the community as the object of development planning.

"The advantage of the model I created is that it can determine the value exchanged by the community in participating in development planning so that the programs resulting from the planning process are more targeted and have a real impact on the community," he said.

More than that, this model also focuses on the social and economic values of society which are the object of development. In addition, this model is also able to provide choices of forms of participation that can be carried out by the community based on the six principles in social exchange theory.

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