Tourism Study Program Student Publishes Wellness Tourism Book

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Three students of the FIA UB Undergraduate Tourism Study Program, Dwi Mauliddia Rosi Ardiyanti, Farida Rahmah, and Atikah Muamar Luqyanabillah, were actively involved in compiling a book published by the Culture and Tourism Office of Banyuwangi Regency. The book entitled "Wellness Tourism Ijen Geopark" tells and promotes the existence of the Ijen Geopark tourist area to carry out tourism activities while at the same time getting health benefits from it, both physical, psychological and spiritual health. The book was also compiled with Abdillah Baraas (General Manager of Ijen Geopark) and Sholeh.ds.

To the Public Relations Team, Dwi Mauliddia told that initially, the Disbudpar Kab. Banyuwangi wants to publish a book. However, they have no idea what book to write. The idea of Wellness Tourism came from Abdillah who was inspired by the Wellness Tourism themed activities carried out by Dwi et al. through MBKM. "We have indeed had discussions at the basecamp regarding Wellness Tourism. From there, they tried to turn it into a book,” said Dwi.

After publication, this book is intended to introduce the concept of Wellness Tourism in Indonesia, especially in the Ijen Geopark area. Interested readers can read it at the Disbudpar office. But if anyone wants to buy it, he said that the book is not for sale. "Anyone can get this book at Disbudpar, but as far as I know it is not for sale and only printed in limited quantities," he concluded.

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