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Librarian Expert From South Korea Appointed as a Guest Lecture in Library Science Program

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Rarely today, Wednesday (12/17), the class of Introduction to Archive has the exceptional chance to directly learn from Prof. Jungyeoun Lee, an expert of Library Science and Information from South Korea. Accompanied by Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan, lecture of that subject, for more than one hour Lee explained the world of Library in the context of Indonesia, South Korea, and rest of the world.

Jungyeoun Lee (berdiri) didampingi Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan (depan, duduk)
Jungyeoun Lee (berdiri) didampingi Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan (depan, duduk)

In this event, Lee was more give opportunity to the students to ask anything about archive and document. For instance, he was asked about what motivate him in learning library science. Lee answered that by this he felt that he could serve more people better. He wanted to share good methods in archive that could be inherited to the next generation so that people could access information easily.

About the professional prospect as a librarian, he explained that basically the position of librarian are both the same in Indonesia and South Korea, and both could not be compared with high appreciation that given in Western countries for the librarian. However, he told that to be a librarian in South Korea, a bachelor should first acquire a certificate of professional competence. Even to be a librarian on a higher level, someone also needs a higher education. “If you want to be a librarian in a university, you should at least own a master degree. But if you want to work in a national library, you should own a PhD degree,” said this Visiting Professor in the Department of library science and Information of Indonesia University.

Lee, Hendrawan, dan mahasiswa berfoto bersama
Lee, Hendrawan, dan mahasiswa berfoto bersama

In the end, he encouraged the students and also answered the question, to increase the reading enthusiasm of Indonesian through library. He understood that Indonesian is more likely to adept in verbal tradition rather than written. “Korean prefer reading because since they are still a children; their parents pushed them to read books. Reading books could develop the mind and creativity. If you want to increase the enthusiasm of reading, start from the youngest generation through library. Organize programs that interest children to read,” added lecture that slowly fluent in speaking Indonesian Bahasa. (ALA/FIA)

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