The Department of Public Administration will Select Representatives in the FIA UB Academic Senate

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The Department of Public Administration will hold the Election of Faculty Academic Senate Members from Non-Professor representatives from the Department of Public Administration through the Inter-Time Alternation route. This election had to be held because a member of the senate who was appointed in 2021, namely Dr. Romy Hermawan, M.Si, holds the position of Deputy Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs at the Vocational Faculty. Thus, the person concerned automatically becomes a Member of the Vocational Faculty Academic Senate and his position in FIA UB must be replaced by another lecturer through an election mechanism.

The ballot card to be used for election

The stages of the election implementation have started since last week, namely the formation of an election committee chaired by Dr. Irwan Noor, MA In addition, prospective candidates who meet the requirements have been sent letters of willingness to be elected. Until Monday (10/4), there were three lecturers who returned letters and stated that they were willing to be selected. The three are Dr. Alfi Haris Wanto, M.AP., MMG, Dr. Ike Wanusmawatie, M.Sc., and Wike, M.Sc., DPA. Voters will choose one of the three candidates on Thursday (13/4) to replace Romy Hermawan.


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