Three Taxation Lecturers Publish Consumption Tax Book

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A new textbook by three lecturers of the FIA UB Bachelor of Taxation Study Program has just been published. The book entitled "The Concept of Consumption Tax: Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Digital Age" was written by Rosalita Rachma Agusti, Kartika Putri Kumalasari, and Devi Nur Cahaya Ningsih. The book was produced and published by UB Press.

Rosalita Rachma Agusti, Kartika Putri Kumalasari, Devi Nur Cahaya Ningsih, and books by the three of them

To the FIA UB Public Relations Team, Rosalita-representing the three authors-said that the process of compiling the book took approximately one year, starting from the preparation of the publication proposal to UB Press to the printing process. However, the collection of writing materials had started long before. According to Rosalita, this textbook will be used to complete the literature in the Consumption Tax course in the Taxation Study Program. “This book explains the tax bases, one of which is consumption. And one of the consumption-based taxes in Indonesia is VAT," explained Rosalita.

This textbook is published with full funding by the university. This book can be found in UB Book Store.

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