PS S1 AB UB Tracer Study Report 2023

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The 2023 Bachelor of Business Administration Tracer Study Report contains data and analysis
regarding the condition of alumni after completing their studies at PS S1 AB UB, as well as feedback
provided by FIA stakeholders. This Tracer Study activity aims to collect data
about the type of work or business the alumni are undertaking, to what extent the work is suitable
with their field of study, information about the company or business they participate in, as well as
input that can be used to improve learning at PS S1 AB UB.

PS S1 AB UB with the Tracer Study Team of the Department of Business Administration
organizing activities related to Tracer Study, namely regular tracing through SINATRA
UB. The gathering activity produced several important inputs for the activity
academics at PS S1 AB UB. On the other hand, this activity is part of strengthening efforts
PS S1 AB UB alumni network and strengthening stakeholder collaboration.

The implementation of the Tracer Study this year is of course still experiencing a lot
obstacles both technical and skill. All obstacles have been identified and are anticipated in the future
will soon be completed so that we can carry out more Tracer Studies
efficient and effective.

The complete report can be accessed via the following link:

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